Policies and Rules

Please be advised as to some of our policies and rules:
  1. We appreciate your cooperation in maintaining a clean facility. There is absolutely NO SMOKING allowed in the building.

  2. No food or drink is allowed inside the play area.

  3. There is a $25.00 service charge on all returned checks.

  4. There is no pro-rating on any missed sessions or vacation dates.

  5. Hour of operation is subject to change at anytime by NJ Badminton Club due to events and inclement weather.

  6. Non-marking rubber soled sneakers are required and protective eyewear is strongly recommended.

  7. Children must be supervised by their parent/legal guardian at all times – we offer no childcare.

  8. Please note that lost passes are not repalceable or refundable even if they had validity.

  9. Players are required to bring their own shuttlecocks. Shuttlecocks can also be purchased at the facility.

  10. Fees are subject to change without notice

  11. NJ Badminton prepaid plan and pass fees are non-transferable & non-refundable.

  12. Up to 5 courts may be used for training purposes at anytime as they take priority over general court play.

  13. For passes and drop-ins, a session ends when the player exits the building for over 59 minutes. Re-entry of the building after 59 minutes is considered as a different session even if it occurs on the same day.

  14. This program is subject to change at the discretion of NJ Badminton Club, LLC

  15. The Club may excuse the coach to accompany students to a limited number of major junior tournaments in the region.  The coach's cost including but not limited to transportation, meals and lodging shall be borne by the students and their parents/guardians.

Rules for Play

  1. This club uses the 21-point game rules for all games.

  2. Every rally results in a point. Service court is based on the evenness/oddness of the score of the serving team.

  3. When the serving team loses a rally, the serve goes to the other team.

  4. When the serving team scores, the players interchange court positions, and the same player continues as server.

  5. When the score is 20-20, a 2-point difference is required to win, up to a maxumum score of 30


If it is snowing, sleeting, raining, or sandy, please do not wear your court-playing shoes from the car to the gym. If you do not have other shoes that you can wear, please put plastic bags over your sneakers.


For your own safety and of others, please do not wear shoes into the facility that have snow, ice, sand, or water residing in the treads.

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