Court Reservation

Make Reservation Request:

We have reopened with reservation-only mode under Covid-19 to control the number of people at the club, please read the notes and policies below before making your reservation.

Important COIVD-19 Notes:

  1. The entry fee remains $15 per person.

  2. Full payment of Zelle or Venmo is required to reserve the court .

  3. Players not listed on the reservation are NOT allowed to enter.
  4. Please provide ALL players' name when reserving the courts.
  5. Minimum of 4 players are required to reserve a court. 

  6. Maximum of 20 players are allowed during on each time slot.

  7. Players will only play on assigned courts.


  1. Body temperature will be taken at the front desk.

  2. Players/Guests with fever will not be allowed to enter.

  3. To avoid physical contacting, we do not accept cash at this time.

  4. Players must make a reservation to play at the club.

  5. The rule will be first come first serve and one player can play at most 3 times a week.

  6. Each court has 3 slots available during weekdays and 5 slots during weekends.

  7. Slots on weekdays are 3:00-6:00pm, 6:00-8:30pm, and 8:30-10:30pm

  8. Slots on weekends are every 2.5 hours from 9:00 am to 9:30 pm

  9. We'll take a maximum of 25 players at each time slot

  10. Reservation with 4-6 player will be assigned to 1 court

  11. Reservation with 7-10 players will be assigned to 2 courts

  12. Reservation with 11-14 players will be assigned to 3 courts

  13. Reservation with 15 - 19 players will be assigned to 4 courts