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About NJBC

Since 2012, New Jersey Badminton Club (NJBC) has devoted to promote Badminton sports and dedicated to providing the best badminton experience at East Coast of the US. We have a professional coaching team with international level coaches and world top ranking players. NJBC’s co-founder and executive head coach, Jacky Zhang, was previously served at China National Badminton Team.

The Club’s Goals and Objectives are:

  • To cultivate and train youth to qualify for the U.S. National Badminton Team. 

  • To train intermediate to advanced elite juniors and adult players in the High Performance Track preparing for national and international competitions. (“Track 3 Players” as described by the USA Badminton Association.

  • To promote the sport of Badminton to general public.

Regardless of the weather conditions (day or night), badminton players will find a safe, clean and friendly atmosphere for badminton enjoyment.


The Club is situated in a 14,000 square ft. facility in Montville, NJ which offers an indoor facility for badminton enthusiasts to learn and practice their badminton skills all year round.


The facility includes 7 professional badminton courts, a Pro-shop, conference room, and a rest area. We have FREE WiFi access as well as provide internet access through the Optimum online WiFi access.


Club Building

The Club has one of the best badminton facilities in the East Coast, with special flooring and lighting for badminton courts, high ceilings, air-conditioning, etc. The vents are positioned so that they do not affect the flight of the shuttle.  


Floating Sports Floor System: The Club is designed with a "shock-absorbing" floor system, which allows the pounding impacts of your feet to be absorbed to minimize hard shocks to your knees and ankles. 

Centrally located in the East Coast, The Club is very convenient for players from Boston, Washington DC, Pennsylvania and New York Metropolitan area come for our tournaments. 


Olympic Regulation Courts with AC


Conference Room

Rest Area

Observation Deck​

Free Wifi Service

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