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NewBee Club Card

We are excited to indroduce our preloaded and refillable NewBee Club Card for discounted training, discounted walk-in, and club-wide spending. Just present the card each time you or your family members visit the club. You will get an emailed receipt for every visit if you provide us with your email address. 

1. Each refill is $500 minimum. Please check your email receipt for low card balance and refill timely. 

2. Each card can be shared among family members or friends . The cardholder must be physically present at the club at the time of charge.

3. Take advantage of discounted training rates and walk-in fee charged through the card.

4. Refund can be issued under special circumstances subject to the club's approval accounting for pricing differences between Newbee rates and retail rates.

4. Please report lost cards to us immediately. Each lost card replacement costs $5.

Charge Type
Price Per Person
NewBee Rate
Walk-in fee
$18 per person **
2.5 hours
$16 per person **
Group training
$28 per person
1 hour
$24 per person
4-person custom-private
$35 per person
1 hour
$31.5 per person
3-person custom-private
$40 per person
1 hour
$35 per person
2-person semi-private
$50 per person
1 hour
$45 per person
1-person private
$85 per person
1 hour
$80.75 per person
0.5-hour private
$50 per person
0.5 hour
$45 per person

Elite Coach surcharges apply. See Training Rates for details.

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