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Junior Professional Training

Feel free to contact us for more information:


Text: 201-898-0382

Let your kids fall in love with badminton and embrace it as a life long passion! Our junior training program starts at the beginner level where our young players will learn the fundamentals, and progress into intermediate and then all the way up to the most elite and competitive athletic levels. There is nothing your kids can't conquer in life if he/she can master the most difficult shots under the severest duress in badminton, one of the most demanding sports in stamina, techniques, acumen, and strategizing!

At NJBC, we recognize the importance of group training for young athletes and would like all our junior students to participate in group training at least twice a week for steady improvements. If your child would like to play competitively and participate in local and national junior tournaments, then it is highly advisable that he or she undertakes at least four training sessions per week (private and group). We would be happy to discuss your child's training plan with you one-on-one. Please email, text, or simply stop by to chat with us. Plese use this form to sign up for beginner to advanced group training the club offers. For elite junior group training, please contact us directly. 

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