Junior Professional Training

For Junior players at different levels, NJBC now offers a series of professional systematic badminton training classes for Beginners, Advanced Beginners, and Intermediate Players.


Every class is developed with different focuses and training schedules to deliver optimized training results and to help all students to reach their best performance.


When your child (children) join the program,  a free evaluation will be provided to place each student into the appropriate class. At the end of each semester, we will offer another free evaluation to decide if a student can be promoted to a more advanced class.

You are always welcome to contact us for more information.

E-mail: njbc.info@gmail.com

Text: 201-898-0382

Junior Professional Badminton Training Program Plan & Fees 

2020 Fall Semester: Sep 6th, 2020 - Nov 28th, 2020
Group Size: 4-8 students

Group Training Time: Afternoon and Evening on Weekdays; Morning and Afternoon on Weekends

Private Training: 1 on 1

Coaches(for different levels): Rangga, Felix, Tahir

Class Level
Group Class
Private Training
Training Content
Lvl 1. Beginner
2* 1-hour/week
$580 for 24-hour group
Basic forehand/backhand lifting, serve, preparation form, backcourt swing form, front-court footwork, mid-court footwork, backcourt footwork, front-court lifting, mid-court defense
Lvl 2. Advanced Beginner
2 * 2-hour/week
$1152 for 48-hour group
Full court footwork, understanding single/double gaming rules, jump backcourt swing form, drive, clear, multiple shuttle feeding: combination with clear and net drop or lifting.
Lvl 3. Intermediate
2 * 2-hour/week
1 * 1-hour /week
$2142 for 48-hour group + 12-hour private
Drop, smash, block, double serve, net drop, net cross, net push, single/double game practice
Lvl 4. Elite Team
3 * 2-hour /week
2 * 1-hour/week
$3666 for 72-hour group + 24-hour private
Full-court drop/smash to net, full-court offense/defense, fixed position practice: 2 to 4, posture consistency practice: clear/smash/drop, multi-shuttle feeding, game set-up and strategy practice


  1. 5% discount can be applied to siblings signing up for the program.

  2. Training fees are required to be paid up front in full.

  3. Minimum 4 students are required to start a group session.

  4. Please try to be consistent with the schedule for best training results.

  5. Change or cancellation need to be informed 24 hours in advance to receive a makeup class.

  6. Makeup classes can only be taken before Nov 28th, 2020.

  7. NJBC reserves rights to cancel, combine classes or charge for private lesson rate when students are less than 4.

  8. Training shuttlecocks will be included for all training. Badminton shoes and racquet are required (can be purchased at club). 

  9. Players will need to bring new shuttlecock if coach requires it for the training.