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Private and Group Training

The Club employs full-time and part-time High-Performance Coaches


NJ Badminton Club is a full-service badminton training facility that offers high-quality training for badminton players at the Beginner, Intermediate, and Elite levels.


The Club offers private and group training for adults and juniors.


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Adult Group training

Junior group training

Private Training

This type of training is well suited for players to get started in playing badminton and to learn the fundamentals quickly. With its condensed format and fast pace, it also suits players who want to drill down and improve their skills while building stamina. Players usually take half or one-hour training at a time, while our elite players undertake two hours or longer training multiple times a week. 


Group Training

We offer professional training for a group of five or more students at a discounted rate compared to private or semi-private training. Under the guidance of the coach, group training participants get longer exposure to the shuttlecocks while having fun with and competing against their partners. We recommend at least biweekly two-hour group training to help you or your children improve steadily. The club reserves the right to cancel or alter the duration of training type for charging purposes if attendees for group training sessions fall below the minimum 5.


Training Rates

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- We ask that absentees or their guardians notify the club at least twenty-four hours in advance. Absence without advance notice will be subject to a charge of one hour of group training. We will take into consideration emergency situations but please try your best to inform us.

-Students are responsible for completing pre-purchased lessons. There will be NO REFUNDS FOR MISSED LESSONS. PLEASE READ OUR CLUB'S POLICIES AND RULES.

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