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Gary Geng

Co-Founder and CEO

Gary graduated from Tongji University in China and he also got his Master’s degree in Quantitative Finance at Fordham University. He has been working in the Investment Banking industry for years and has cumulated rich experience in process management and automation. Apart from his professional career, he is extremely passionate about badminton and has been playing since high school. With the enthusiasm for badminton and the hope of applying active managing skills/experience to the club, he founded NJBC as a co-founder in 2019. 

Gary applied his industry experiences to create an on-the-run management process. With management innovation, the club procedures and business have been improved efficiently by automation on the original manual process. In recent years, Gary focused on improving club players’ skillset, cultivating players’ interest in badminton, as well as promoting the activity in NJ state. NJBC will eventually become a home and community center for all badminton players and it’s been always his aim to let more players enjoy the sports and keep energetic and healthy.

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