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Jacky Liu

Founder and CFO
Executive Coach

Jacky Liu is the Founder, CFO, and Executive Coach at the New Jersey Badminton Club. He also holds the prestigious position of Qualitative Finance Analyst at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Jacky is the only professional athlete in China who successfully broke into Wall Street and currently works at one of the top Bulge Bracket Investment Banks. In 2019, he founded NJBC with the desire to elevate the level of US National Badminton, and to cultivate future athletic prospects into US representatives on the global badminton scene. 

After retiring from China National Badminton Team, Jacky immigrated to the US during the 2008 Financial Crisis. Although his ambition to pursue his pro-athlete career as a representative of the United States in the Olympics, his strong curiosity of understanding the financial world influenced him to stretch his limited educational boundaries. With a limitation of a 4th-grade educational background, he devoted 6 years of tremendous effort to complete his B.A. in Economics at the University of California, San Diego. Based on his stellar background, Jacky believes he cannot only develop solid fundamentals for the players’ skills and mindsets, but also explain the deeper strategic concepts of the sport.

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